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The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) 

AME is a passionate network of practitioners dedicated to enterprise excellence. AME members are continually motivated to affect and accelerate change by leveraging the AME community for unique, experience-based shared learning and inspiring interactions.

Welcome to AME's submission opportunities. 
Here is the event for which you can currently apply:

AME San Diego 2018 International Conference, October 29-November 2 (submission deadline - June 1, 2018)

Follow these steps to submit your proposal. Before you begin, you will need:
   -  a presenter bio (one for each presenter)
   -  your company bio
   -  a session title and sub-title
   -  the full description of your proposed session.

1. Create an account. After creating your account, you will receive a confirmation email from Fluid Review with an access code. Use this access code to continue your submission.

2. Select the conference for which you are making a submission.

3. Select from the submission categories the type of submission (presentation, workshop, etc.) for which you are applying. Press Save & Continue

4. Under Application Round, select Tasks for ... 

5. Complete the submission formNote: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Press Save & Continue

6. At the bottom of the Application Roundselect Submit ApplicationIf you need to make changes prior to submitting, select Cancel, make the changes. Press Continue to submit.

To change/edit your information after submission,
contact Stephanie Broadbent at